Locations in Latvia

Latvia offers a wide variety of locations, ranging from white sandy beaches and pristine forests to historic palaces and modern architecture. Most locations can be reached within a short drive from the Riga International airport, making Latvia an attractive filming destination. Thanks to the distinct four seasons you can enjoy 17 hours of daylight in summer and snowy landscapes in winter. 

The capital Riga offers an eclectic mix of styles; here you can find untouched medieval streets, romantic Art Nouveau districts, Soviet brutalism and contemporary Scandinavian design. The interior and exterior scenes can be combined with large scale set construction in Riga Motion Picture Studio, which offers several purpose-built soundstages, construction workshops, green screen and water tank. The unseen locations and their accessibility make Riga an instant filmmakers’ favorite! 

The local crews have extensive experience working on international shoots of various scale. If you are looking for a production-friendly environment, skilled English-speaking professionals and a pool of unseen locations and talent, come to Latvia!


Filming in Latvia is easy and the permit process is straightforward. Filming on private locations is negotiated directly with the homeowners, while bigger exterior shoots and road closures need to be arranged with the local authorities. One of our experienced location managers will take care of all the necessary applications and make the bureaucratic process fuss-free.

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